Friday, July 15, 2011

My trip to Utah

Well,First,I did my homework. Then I watched some movies. Then my Dad Forced Thisa and me off the computer. I am now writing to you on. Then we started looking outside then after a while we got to the the campsite Then the person that was doing the campsite registering said, Sorry the campsite is full.

I saw some arches. The arches were Delicate Arch, North Window, Turret Arch, South Window, and Landscape arch. I almost climbed to the top of North Window. And I tried to do the same thing to Turret Arch. There was a hole in the wall and my sister tried to get up there but she needed help from my Dad. So my Dad ended up there too. Then I tried and I got up there all the way by myself. Then after 10 seconds of being there, I started to go down. I got down mostly by myself, but my Mom helped me a little. After that, we walked to the car and drove to Landscape Arch. On the way there I hurt my foot. On the way back, it was dark, so we followed the moon. We had a quick dinner, then left.

Your friend,

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