Friday, August 24, 2012

Posts From The Past

Today we went to Sunrise Point again except it was August. It was beautiful. All the flowers were out. The colors of the flowers were purple, green, red, and yellow. It was about 75 degrees when we got there. The hike was three to four hours long. There was still snow but a lot less than we saw in July. I know that there was less snow because we did not walk over any snow shelves that were very dangerous and slippery. As you know we survived, all of us. It was the same except we went farther. This time we climbed on the second Burrows Mountain. When we were coming back from the extension the winds picked up and it got cold. However, after we got further down the winds settled and it was warm again. By the time we got to the car we ate at the picnic place then went off to find a camping space. We did not find a camping space so we drove home. Today I woke up to the sound of Thaisa singing with has not happened in a while. I woke up and somebody called me, it was Isaacs’s mom she was ready to go school supplies shopping. We got a ride in their car to Staples but my mom drove our car. After we got school supplies we went to get a haircut at Sports Clips. Then we ate at Subway. We got a sandwich for all of us and got chips for me and my sister. After that we drove home brushed and flossed are teeth then headed to the dentist. After the dentist Isaac went to our house then went to Idalwood Park. After Idalwood we went to Isaacs’s house. At Isaacs house we played and watched TV house and we played tell nine then Thaisa and I ran back home. I hope another day like this happens (:. Today was okay day because mom and dad had to go to work and we stayed home. Yes we did do our summer homework which consisted of Russian, this blog, and music. I finished music and almost finished Russian and blog. Today I also locked my phone and I still have not figured out how to unlock it. So that’s that. Then after mom came home we ate then went to video games which if course was Minecraft after we finished are work. At the end of the day we went on hike the hike was about 4 miles long but it was fun. It was very annoying because every once in a while we had to jump over hoarse poop which was disgusting. When we got home I updated my tanks then went to bed today was a fun day.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The day with Isaac

The day didn't exactly start with Isaac it started as usual then continued until 4:30pm when Isaac came. First we played with micro machines. Then we watched a movie about the earth then we got the computers. We played mine craft the entire time. It was great! We made Isaac's house, made a place for animals at my house, and blew up some of my mountain. The easy way to say it is we had a great time. Then Isaac had to leave at nine. We drove him to his house then we said bye. When we got back home, we went on the computer and I played Civilization 5, then switched to Civilization Beyond the Sword, then went to read upstairs. After reading I watched dad play computer then went to bed.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alki Beach

Today we went to Alki beach. Alki beach is kind of like California and New York City.New York because it had a four foot statue of liberty. it also had a long beach with tons of people which goes with California. The water was too cold to swim in. There where three steps down to the water. We all had a competition who could go the deepest and of course dad won. But i made it to the fifth step and so did Thaisa. The walk was really nice. Before the walk we ate at a fish and chips place named Spud. It was fine. I had fish and fries not fish and chips. The fish was good and so was the fries. When we got home i played minecraft and so did mom. I tried my best to make a good world.them my sister and i did the dishes then went to bed. Thanks, Warren

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend in Vancouver

This weekend we went to Vancouver. We went to Vancouver because it was mom and dad's anniversary. We went to Stanley park and there was a water fight after that we went on a walk through Stanley park. After we finished the walk through the park we went to a Japanese cuisine. i tried a new roll it was called nigi tero. At the end of the day we went to Whistler then we drove to the hotel and went to bed. Sunday we went to breakfast at the hotel then we drove to a grandville market. Then we went to freshwater waterfall with tons of people playing in a cold river and i joined them and now here i am the next day sick.