Monday, July 18, 2011

My swimmy day in Petrified Forest State Park

Well, we left Capitol Reef National Park and drove towards Bryce Canyon National Park. We stopped at the Petrified Forest State Park. Then we went on a hike up a mountain. The mountain looked kind of like a dome with some green spots. The green spots were trees living in the hot desert climate. We went about 1.3 miles then guess what we saw?!

That's right, petrified wood. Petrified wood is made by wood getting drowned in volcanic ash and then it sat under ash after the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Now it looks like brown rocks with red blue green orange yellow and pink stones. It was so bright and colorful, I mean, it just sparkled in my eyes like glitter glue!

After the hike, I jumped in the same warm water that I jumped in earlier. The water was cold that it felt refreshing after a hot day. I wish you were there!

Your friend,

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