Thursday, July 28, 2011

The day i saw a baby deer without a mom.

And it was also close to our house, if you throw a Lego about a foot out the window it would hit it. And i got about a meter away from it it ran even more tords our house. Then some people came by and started taking pictures of it. Then when they left and then it peed. Then we left because of the disgustingness.
Your Friend,


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[You get to name this]

As we all know my trip to the west side of the country [close to you Eric].And here are the states i traveled to Montana, Idaho and Utah Cal-ar -odo , Wyoming that all the states ive been to tan ta ta ton ton tan ton..... ta ta!OK, lets get back from the musical to the blog. Good these are the parks that were in the states that we were in. Wyoming:Grand Teton, Yellowstone Utah:Zion, Brice, Capital Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Petrified forest,and Goblin valley Colorado:Black Canyon Rocky mountains.My favorite park was Goblin valley.I like it because of the sculptures. That's all the parks. All right I'm closing the blog.
your Friend

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sun. 7/24 My Huge 10-hour Drive

We drove from Grand Teton National Park all the way to the east side of Wyoming. I read for 5 hours and almost finished my book – Wolf Stalker a fiction novel about Yellowstone National Park.

Sat. 7/23 Grand Teton

We went on a hike and it was 15 miles long. It felt like 1 mile for some reason. By the way, we walked on snow... and a lot of it!

And while we were driving back we saw 160 with her cubs. Guess who that animal was? That's right, a bear!

Fun facts: 160's mom (390) taught her to look both ways before crossing the street. 160 is doing the same with her cubs. 390 is a very popular bear.

Fri. 7/22 Yellowstone

We drove from Grand Teton to Yellowstone to take a hike. The only way to get to the hike was to take a ferry because there was a lake. Oh, wait a sec, we could also walk there, but it was about 1-2 miles, so we took the ferry. The hike was 7.5 miles, then we took the ferry back.

Thurs. 7/21 My ? Day

My day was very surprising. I woke up somewhere where I didn't know where I was. I finally found out and it was Grand Teton. Then I remembered my Mom and Dad taking me out of the car and putting me in the sleeping bag, then my tent. OK, let's get back to right now, or right then. After I woke up, about an hour later we went on a hike, but to do the hike we had to go on a boat. The hike was pretty long.

After that we went to see geysers.

After that we went to a hotel.

Wed. 7/20 My Driving Day to Grand Teton

Just to tell you we drove from Zion National Park to Salt Lake City, and from there to Grand Teton National park.

Your friend,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My good day in Zion

I started off visiting my friends in the morning. I talked with them for a while then we started playing capture the flag. After that we had to leave Bryce Canyon and head to Zion. After we got to Zion, I went to my friends' campsite for about 30 minutes.

Then we went to the Weeping Rock.

After that, we rode the shuttle to the Narrows. At first, my Mom said we were testing the waters, then my mom said we were doing the entire thing, so we did half of it. Then my sister said she was cold and tired, so then we headed back.

Then we went to sleep. I didn't fall asleep very quickly because the wind was so so so strong.

Your friend,

Monday, July 18, 2011

My swimmy day in Petrified Forest State Park

Well, we left Capitol Reef National Park and drove towards Bryce Canyon National Park. We stopped at the Petrified Forest State Park. Then we went on a hike up a mountain. The mountain looked kind of like a dome with some green spots. The green spots were trees living in the hot desert climate. We went about 1.3 miles then guess what we saw?!

That's right, petrified wood. Petrified wood is made by wood getting drowned in volcanic ash and then it sat under ash after the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Now it looks like brown rocks with red blue green orange yellow and pink stones. It was so bright and colorful, I mean, it just sparkled in my eyes like glitter glue!

After the hike, I jumped in the same warm water that I jumped in earlier. The water was cold that it felt refreshing after a hot day. I wish you were there!

Your friend,

My Trip to Capitol Reef National Park

Today we drove to Capitol Reef National Park. On the way there we stopped at Canyonlands National Park, and then at Goblin Valley State Park. Let me tell you about this park. It is a valley of natural statues made of mud. I started running up and down the mud piles. These piles looked like mushrooms or monsters. This is why it is probably called Goblin Valley State Park. Then Thaisa and I went up one and I got stuck. So then my Dad went up to save me, and then my Dad got stuck and I was free. Then he got out. Afterwards I got off the mud dome and then we lost my Dad. Thaisa started to cry, Momma started to scream, and I ran around. Then we found him. Just to tell you, that place was awesome. I want so much that my birthday party to be here, and I want this place to be in Maryland.

Your Friend,

My second day in capital reef

Well, first we went apricot picking. The area is huge to pick apricots so I bet you'll get some. And its only a dollar a pound! The trees are covered with green yellow red and orange balls. They are very old. The people who planted these trees were the Mormon settlers. the place the orchard is between the red enormous canyon walls. I picked about twelve apricots. I used a thing like some kind of like lacrosse sticks, except longer, to reach the apricots and scoop them up. My sister was also picking them. But she was using a ladder. It was fun picking them because they were right in our campground.

Then we went on a hike. The hike was scary because it was a wash and it was rainy season. In the rainy season, which is right now, it rains so much that you can get swept away. I'm glad we made it out OK.

Then we went to see the India petroglyphs. These are drawings by the Indians on the canyon walls. They looked very funny.

Friday, July 15, 2011

My trip to Utah

Well,First,I did my homework. Then I watched some movies. Then my Dad Forced Thisa and me off the computer. I am now writing to you on. Then we started looking outside then after a while we got to the the campsite Then the person that was doing the campsite registering said, Sorry the campsite is full.

I saw some arches. The arches were Delicate Arch, North Window, Turret Arch, South Window, and Landscape arch. I almost climbed to the top of North Window. And I tried to do the same thing to Turret Arch. There was a hole in the wall and my sister tried to get up there but she needed help from my Dad. So my Dad ended up there too. Then I tried and I got up there all the way by myself. Then after 10 seconds of being there, I started to go down. I got down mostly by myself, but my Mom helped me a little. After that, we walked to the car and drove to Landscape Arch. On the way there I hurt my foot. On the way back, it was dark, so we followed the moon. We had a quick dinner, then left.

Your friend,

My second day in Black Canyon of the Gunnison

I went on a walk and I saw blooming cactus some were red, orange, yellow, and pink. We walked all the way to a visitor center. There we watched a movie about Black Canyon and there I got this cap that I am wearing right exact now! The cap says Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park. I got the cap at the visitor center I was talking earlier in the Blog today. And on the way back there were even more blooming cactus and even more colors of red, yellow, orange and pink. So many colors! Then we drove to the dragon on one of walls of Black Canyon and then we drove to some other Black Canyon walls. Afterwards we drove to watch the sunset but we were too loud so we went on a hike and during the hike my mom told me that tomorrow we are going through the dessert into Utah.

My Trip to Black Canyon

Well, I did not do much on the way there. First I did my homework. Then I went to a mining museum, and at the mining museum I saw gold and diamonds. Then we kept on driving and me, I was playing video games, and when I got bored I started to watch a movie. Then we finally got to Black Canyon National Park and now here I am, writing to you from Black Canyon National Park in Colorado.

Your beloved friend in Colorado in Black Canyon National Park,
or to make things shorter,
your friend,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My birthday in Colorado

My mom woke me up with a song of happy birthday. And I got to have a cup of hot chocolate with a cupcake.

And after that we went on a 9 mile and 6 hour hike up and down the mountain.

Then we drove for about 2 and a half hours to get to our campsite and tomorrow were leaving. But in those 2 hours and 30 minutes I saw a yellow bellied marmot and some Elks. Then we set up our tents. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant and there I ordered a BBQ chicken quesadilla and now here I am writing to you on the computer.
Your Friend,

My Trip to Colorado

My trip to colorado started of with Holly dropping us of at the airport. So we got to see her for a little bit. Then you know, go through security and everything like that. Then we got on the plane and blasted off to Colorado. And when got there I saw a Tornado warning shelter.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Excerpt from Thaisa's Journal

"My Summer"
"I will go to Russian camp"

"I worked in the kitchen"

"I played with fire"

"I burned my finger"