Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alki Beach

Today we went to Alki beach. Alki beach is kind of like California and New York City.New York because it had a four foot statue of liberty. it also had a long beach with tons of people which goes with California. The water was too cold to swim in. There where three steps down to the water. We all had a competition who could go the deepest and of course dad won. But i made it to the fifth step and so did Thaisa. The walk was really nice. Before the walk we ate at a fish and chips place named Spud. It was fine. I had fish and fries not fish and chips. The fish was good and so was the fries. When we got home i played minecraft and so did mom. I tried my best to make a good world.them my sister and i did the dishes then went to bed. Thanks, Warren

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