Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Favorite Video Game (part 2)

Let me tell you more about my favorite video game - Minecraft. The spiders in Minecraft can climb trees, towers,walls, and your house. Oh ya, and and the zombies, you usually see them in groups. However, luckily they don't do a lot of damage.Well, I haven't told you about the dungeons. Dungeons spawn spiders, skeletons, and zombies. There are no creeper dungeons because it wouldn't be a dungeon anymore because they would all blow up.
And you can make a garden in Minecraft as well. You can plant trees, wheat, and bamboo in your garden. These can be used to make food and heal you. For example, wheat can help you make bread, and bamboo can make sugar - which is part of the cake recipe.

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  1. Ефимка,

    Отличный стиль! Прямо читаю и вижу перед глазами всех этих зомби, пауков и скелетов. Молодец!

    Эма и Саша