Saturday, July 7, 2012

Warren’s Account of His First Weeks in Greater Seattle

I miss my friends Juan, Ben, and Quinn and all my other friends. I feel horrible that I moved to the Seattle area. I barely even want to live here, I would rather just move to a new house in the Garrett Park area. My parents and I are moving to the Seattle area because my parents think it’s pretty and a nice place to live but I am against moving because I have made many friends and I am leaving all of them forever because most of them I will never see again. Also I am leaving most of my relatives that live close by. I am leaving everything I know very well including my old apartment building. Now that I am in Seattle I get to play x-box and Wii and I really like it because it was not an everyday thing in Maryland. I have also been able to go hiking and going on trails. From that long retirement of no Minecraft I finally got back to it. Now I’m starting to be okay with all the confusion and everything that is going on. I am starting to like Seattle because today I biked with dad to work. My life is going to be a little hard without my friends. My friends held me up and kept me going and I did the same. In my opinion I still like Maryland more than Washington and I still want to live in Maryland more than Washington but I am starting to like Washington more than I did before. I am starting to get used to Seattle so I feel more comfortable than before I moved.

The school Adoboun is smaller than my old school Garrett Park by a little bit. I know no one and no one knows me so I need to make a bunch more friends and good ones and that is going to take a lot of work. I already like the school even though I have only been there once. It looks nice like I said it is pretty big because my old school was gigantic. All my life I have gone to Garrett Park, for example these are the years and grades I took at Garrett Park: kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade, wait I forgot a year of preschool. A total of 6 years - is that a lot or what! I mean really, it’s not like a new kid of 1 or 2 years, its 6 years! Now I am switching to a new school, so now I am technically a beginner.

We camped near Mount Rainier; it was very, very, very cold. I was so happy that we only stayed there one night. I hope we do not camp there again. Another interesting place we visited was Coronation and there we stayed in a yurt. A yurt is a huge tent or a very small house. It was by a river, there was also a legendary view and inside there were three beds and one was a bunk bed. Another place that was very cool [not constipated over weighted overrated loser] was in the Cascade Campground - there were so many salmon- and blue- berries and all of them were FREE! My sister and I picked about 200 salmon and blueberries all together but mostly blueberries. My sister ate all the salmon berries because I do not like them. IT WAS COLD ALL 3 TIMES WE CAMPED IN ALL 3 PLACES! Now I am finally in a place that I can call home. This place is located in Redmond on North East 34th street. Also, I finally have my own room so I do not have to clean up after my sister.

Today was the fourth of July and my family and I went on a bicycle ride to Seattle. However, we did not make because it was to long so we turned around. We ate lunch at stand run by middle schoolers. We ate the hot dogs my family and I watched the parade go by, then we biked to Woodinville. In Woodinville we ate a second lunch. There we also got ice cream then we biked back home. First we did our summer homework and then played Minecraft. We also played a few other games. My sister and I played for about an hour or two. Then we went to see the fireworks and there I made some friends. Tomorrow, I am going to their house to play video games (probably minecraft). I really like minecraft and my family bought it when the first version was the only version out. Thank you for reading,

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